Ishtaraqs Al Andalus: Muwashahat & Arab Flamenco, Verona, Italy @ Ishtaraqs International Festival, Verona [dal 8 su 9 dicembre]

Ishtaraqs Al Andalus: Muwashahat & Arab Flamenco, Verona, Italy

8 - 9
09:00 - 22:00

 Pagina di evento
Ishtaraqs International Festival
Via San Marco 11, 37138 Verona
«AL ANDALUS» looking for its roots…
From cultured classics MUWASHAHAT to the gypsy and popular FLAMENCO ARABO
Art Director MARGARITA
Organization L'ARABA FENICE by Celine Govoni

Thematic Seminars of DANCE with live music — Theoretical lessons and Musicology

Perla Elias Nemer — Muwashahat
Raffaella Caianiello — Flamenco Arabo
Simone Pulvano — Percussions
Pasquale Ruocco on the guitar
Claudio Merico on the violin and oud

CONCERT & DANCE by the Instrumental Orchestra «AL ANDALUS», Perla Elias Nemer, Raffaella Caianello

COMPETITION on the theme «Al Andalus» competitive units: solo — duo — small group / categories under 15 and over 16 years old / one class



Press office and info on workshop schedule: [email protected]

MUWASHAHAT with PERLA ELIAS NEMER, (in arab: «ode»), an Arabic poetic genre which comes in a sung form developed in Muslim Spain in the 11th and 12th centuries.
From the 12th century on, its use spread to North Africa and the Muslim Middle East.
The muwashahat is written in classical Arabic, with subjects of love and of court figures.
However, it differs sharply in the form from classical poetry for the construction of strophes.
ANDALUS STYLE allows us to retrace the interpretation made by M.Reda in the choreutic form of these musical poems.

ARABO FLAMENCO with RAFFAELLA CAIANIELLO, it is a dance of modern «fusion» but has its roots in the Arab-Andalusian Spain with a clear gypsy imprint. This discipline requires great knowledge of both Flamenco and Oriental Dances of a folk style. Here we find all the typical flamenco instruments such as the «manton» and the fan, as well as gypsy instruments such as tambourine.
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